returning home to yourself

A journey from trauma to authenticity
returning home to yourself

returning home to yourself

Purity Culture

Purity culture in Evangelical churches in the USA has been talked about a lot on social media recently, with the release of the documentary Shiny Happy People on Prime. While this is an extreme example, purity culture also exists in some UK churches. Here are my reflections on my experience …


Don’t be afraid of the falling, The breaking apart, The fear they’ll be nothing left. The letting go of chains And the stepping out of the cage you thought would keep you safe. Let it happen. The loss, the grief, The reality of your past that engulfs and drowns you. …


Sacrifice is often perceived as noble. Today I ask the question is that always the case, or can it be an unhealthy, harmful practice? When I was a teenager, I was an avid reader of missionary biographies. One of the biographies I read several times was that of Keith Green: …