A journey from trauma to authenticity


Don’t be afraid of the falling,

The breaking apart,

The fear they’ll be nothing left.

The letting go of chains

And the stepping out of the cage you thought would keep you safe.

Let it happen. The loss, the grief,

The reality of your past that engulfs and drowns you.

It is a furnace, a burning of the dross.

The indestructible jewel within remains, waiting to shine.

Waiting to be free.

Compassion is found in the depths.

Joy bubbles up in the arising.

Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and smile widely at the wondrous beauty you see.

Rise like a phoenix. Let us hear your roar and your song.

Let your petals unfurl and grace us with the fragrance of your presence.

Struggle out of the chrysalis and let your wings dry in the sun a moment.

Feel its warmth and then expand and ride the currents in the wind,

Joyfully, gratefully.

The dancing butterflies invite you to join in.

Andrea Gardiner

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