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Be Kind To Yourself by Cindy Bunch – Book review
Be Kind To Yourself by Cindy Bunch – Book review

Be Kind To Yourself by Cindy Bunch – Book review

This little book is a gem, that encourages the reader towards greater self-compassion and kindness, and less self-criticism. The author’s goal is for the reader to experience more joy in their life.

The book is designed to be read slowly, during the course of a month, with a daily practice of examen, recording one thing that is “bugging you”, and one thing that is bringing you joy each day.

She takes the reader on a journey through first identifying negative self-talk and learning to be more compassionate to yourself. Then, she teaches about underlying limiting beliefs, forgiveness, and learning to recognise what to let go of. Finally, she encourages a deeper self-awareness, with a slower pace, practicing gratitude, learning the Enneagram and prioritising the things that nourish.

I think the most helpful part of the book is the introduction to more than 40 spiritual practices that are scattered throughout the book. Each one is an invitation to engage in it and experience it for yourself. Regular practice can be transformative, as the unhealthy is let go of, and the deeper inner truth and self is found.

It is a book to read through, slowly, once, trying out the practices as you go. And then it is a book to refer back to, to continue a daily practice, and remind yourself of the principles the author, an experienced spiritual director, is revealing.

Highly recommended to anyone seeking reflection and awakening in their spirit. 

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